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Lab Testing

We administer a wide variety of lab tests to help you identify deficiencies and optimize your overall health and wellness. We offer all the latest lab testing protocols including General Wellness Assessment, Complete Metabolic Workup, Hormone Evaluation, and other testing options. We encourage patients to follow their blood work regularly to get a better picture of their internal health.

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General Wellness Assessment

This includes CBC (blood count), CMP (kidney and liver tests as well as electrolytes), thyroid studies, urinalysis and any necessary cancer screening blood work. We also provide vitamin studies including B and D vitamins.

Complete Metabolic Workup

This includes the panel outlined in the General Wellness Assessment, but additionally screens for diabetes with A1c, fasting insulin studies, lipid or cholesterol panel. Additionally we also screen patients with inflammatory marker studies including CRP and ESR for a more complete assessment of metabolic health.

Hormone Evaluation

Measures your hormone levels to identify the imbalances that affect your aging rate, sleep cycle, immune system, libido, mood, memory, and weight loss. Testing is specified by individual patient goals and sex. We test for testosterone studies, estrogen/progesterone, FSH/LH and other appropriate hormone studies in order to help guide your therapy and treatment goals.

STD Testing

Urine tests for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, and HSV (Herpes Simplex).


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