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“A multi-disciplinary holistic medicine practice focused on disease prevention and lifestyle optimization.”

Introducing Healthcare by Evolve

Who We Are

Evolve is the first of its kind health optimization center. We've transitioned from a traditional medical office to a one-stop-shop for health & wellness with a progressive approach to healthcare.

At Evolve, our main goal is to help you reach and maintain your optimal state of health at any stage of your life. We'll always take the time to listen to you, respect your opinion, and care for you as a whole person.


Evolve Healthcare

Meet the Team

Dr. Marina Shlifer

Dr. Gary Shlifer

Dr. Katelyn Kalstein

Brian Sanders

Evolve Healthcare is a multi-specialty community medical practice offering a variety of services aiming to provide individuated, thoughtful primary care with specialty and alternative care options. With physicians specializing in Internal medicine, podiatry and naturopathic medicine working together in an interdisciplinary team, Evolve Healthcare offers patients an individualized healthcare service focused on the whole patients and their uniques set of need and desires.

Utilizing the most advanced Electronic Records and services system, the team is able to provide seamless continuity between physicians other members of the healthcare team. Patient have access to all their healthcare records as well as appointment information and other services directly through Evolve Healthcare website. Patient can choose to gain greater access to the Evolve healthcare team by becoming a Member of Primary Care and Wellness program.

The team at Evolve strive to work with the local community to provide healthcare, education and a medical space focused on wellness and preventative care. With a growing menu of Natural treatment options, the Evolve team provides a comprehensive healthcare experience in a modern, comfortable setting.

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