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IV Vitamin Therapy for Post-weekend Rejuvenation

A fun weekend, whether spent partying with your friends, in a strenuous competition with your colleagues, or sightseeing with your family will often leave you feeling worn out. This exhaustion is because your body is healing.

The process of replacing damaged or lost cells and tissues, and the energy needed to facilitate this process, impose a lot of stress on your body, resulting in the rapid depletion of essential vitamins and minerals. Simply consuming healthy foods does not replenish the resources that your body’s is craving fast enough.

Fortunately, you can accelerate this process with custom drip IV vitamin therapy.

Depending on the formulation, drip IV vitamin therapy delivers a very high concentration of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly to your body’s cells. By skipping the digestive system, you can enjoy faster and more effective absorption of nutrients, helping to reduce the symptoms and speed up recovery time.

Your custom drip IV treatment can be formulated to help:

Custom IV Vitamin therapy

Intravenous (IV) micronutrient therapy has become increasingly popular among people looking for natural health care. There has also been plenty of celebrity endorsements and
advertisements touting vitamin drips as a cure-all for the anxious, dehydrated, stressed, depressed, overweight, fatigues, and immune-weakened.

Indeed, IV vitamin therapy can help with all these cases. Depending on your needs, each treatment is custom formulated and professionally administered in Evolve Healthcare in Woodland Hills via an intravenous IV.

Your custom IV drip may contain:

If you are struggling with a long, drawn out recovery after a fun or exhausting weekend, you can replenish your body’s essential nutrients with IV vitamin therapy for faster recovery.

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