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Medically Supervised Weight Loss

If you’re frustrated with your attempts at losing weight and keeping it off, then perhaps it’s time to try a medical weight loss program. At Evolve Healthcare, we provide our Woodland Hills clients with personalized, science-based weight loss programs that aim at reducing cholesterol and triglyceride, blood glucose and blood pressure, as well as waist size. This ultimately improves your overall health and gives you a confident body.

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What to expect with medical weight loss

The Evolve Healthcare weight loss system is tailored to your individual needs. Unlike regular weight loss programs that are self-directed, our approach is based on professional instruction.

Your physician will perform a comprehensive examination to identify your weight loss goals, lifestyle habits, and potential medical causes of weight gain, and then design your custom weight loss program in consultation with your care team, which includes experts from the fields of nutrition, medicine, sleep therapy, psychology, and many more.

Our team comprises experts in different fields - physicians, psychologists, dietitians, physical therapists - so you won’t have to schedule different appointments across the city to create a good and effective weight management program.

We try to make things as easy and convenient for you when creating your custom weight management program, which typically features:

  • Physician-led weight management - where your physician assesses and treats any medical-related causes of weight gain
  • Dedicated weight management team - your weight loss team depends on the results of your comprehensive examination, and may include a dietitian, physical therapist, psychologist, etc.

Your appointments are well coordinated so you can see the right expert at the right time to keep your weight loss program on time.

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