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Looking for acupuncture services in Woodland Hills? At Evolve Healthcare, we provide this 2,000-year-old component of Chinese medicine that helps your body to recover its sense of balance, effectively healing the patterns of disease.

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“After one treatment my sleep has truly never been better. Not only is it such a pleasant calming energy with Denise, but she also educates you on all of your questions regarding her practice of Acupuncture & Herbal medicine.”
- Evan D., Los Angeles

How Acupuncture Works

According to the Ancient Chinese, all living things and nature contain a life force energy known as “Qi.” When Qi is in abundance and flowing properly, it results in good energy, good health, sound sleep, and general wellbeing of the body, spirit, and mind. Conversely, when there is low Qi or when its flow is inhibited, you tend to experience fatigue, pain, physical illness, poor sleep, and emotional stress.

Acupuncture focuses on 20 channels and 365 pressure points located all over your body that may obstruct the flow of Qi. The treatment is based on the same basic principle that the Ancient Chinese used, that blockages and obstructions inhibiting the proper function of the Qi channels are the root cause of all pain and illnesses, including the most complex or chronic ones.

Our acupuncture services in Calabasas involve the acupuncturist gently inserting fine, sterilized, one-time use needles into various points on the surface of your body in an attempt to regulate the Qi of the body and bring your body, spirit, and mind back into balance.

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