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Evolve Healthcare Glutathione IV Therapy

Glutathione is one of the most essential antioxidants in your body. It is found in every cell, and fights toxins in three ways:

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  • By neutralizing free radicals
    By detoxifying the liver
    By reducing inflammation and enhancing the immune system

A recent study involving people with heart disease revealed that those participants with the least amount of glutathione in their blood were 30% more likely to suffer a heart attack compared to those with high levels of the antioxidant.

Unfortunately, the supply of glutathione in the body diminishes with time, especially around the age of 45 years, due to exposure to toxins, poor diet, medications, and even stress. Fortunately, you can enhance the triple function of glutathione by getting a glutathione injection shot at Evolve Healthcare in Woodland Hills or Calabasas.

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Evolve Healthcare offers IV Vitamin C Therapy, Glutathione, and Myer’s Cocktail (Vitamin B-12) to maintain wellness or to treat many acute and chronic conditions. Treating patients from Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks, Calabasas, Northridge, West Valley, CA, and surrounding areas.

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