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Hand Augmentation with Radiesse, Woodland Hills | Evolve Healthcare

After the face and neck, your hands are the next part of your body that can easily give away your age. Fortunately, if your hands appear red and splotchy with protruding veins and/or show bones and tendons, you can visit Evolve Healthcare in Woodland Hill for a hand augmentation procedure with Radiesse to help you maintain a vibrant appearance.

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Is Radiesse Hand Augmentation Right for Me?

Radiesse filler material is typically used for soft tissue augmentation to restore lost fat. Please visit Evolve Healthcare in Calabasas for proper diagnosis and to determine whether Radiesse is right for you. Your doctor will review your medical history when deciding your treatment options, though no skin tests are necessary.

Please keep in mind that Radiesse may not be a suitable material for you if you’re allergic to any of its ingredients, or if you are only looking for short-term hand augmentation.

Whether you’re an older woman looking to improve the appearance of your hand or a young woman seeking a more vibrant appearance so you can take engagement ring selfies without embarrassment, Evolve Healthcare in Woodland Hills and Calabasas has just the treatment for you.

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